Kenvox focuses on providing OEM manufacturing service to customers only, and don’t produce our own products or have any sales channels to distribute our products or sell customers’ products to any others. In this reason, Kenvox won’t and has no motivation to use customer confidential information on the purpose for Kenvox’ own interest only, or disclose customer confidential information to any other parties without customer’s authorization.

  We fully understand, to protect our own business, we have to protect our customer intellectural properties and privacies. so we have deployed a very strict secrecy measurement for customers’ confidential information, which include but limited to:
any and all information, sales and business information, customer information, technical data, or knowhow, including but not limited to, information relating to research, products, product designs and materials, formulas, software, services, development, inventions, processes and methods, specifications, engineering information, marketing information, pricing, costs, internal procedures, business and marketing plans or strategies, finances, and business opportunities, disclosed by the customer to Kenvox either directly or indirectly, in writing, machine readable or other tangible form, orally or visually. Confidential Information also includes:

(a) information and materials that are identified in writing as “Confidential” at the time of disclosure, or

(b) information disclosed orally or in some other non-written form and/or subsequently identified in writing as “Confidential” within a reasonable time period following the initial disclosure of such information.

 Besides that, Kenvox also assist customer to fight against tort behavior and counterfeit. Investigating and providing necessary information and channels to customer to claim his right. Kenvox look customer’s interest as our own, and will do whatever we can to protect it.

Design & Engineering

   Kenvox development team is specializing in industrial design, engineering, user interface, prototyping and high technology design.

Kenvox development combines the needs of our clients’ end users, marketing and manufacturing experts to create a customized and focused solution. Our team combines creative from and function prototyping and validation until we are confident the design is ready for production

 We believe that early consultation is the key to engineering the best possible product. By taking the time to carefully analyze your requirements and understand the product environment, we can ensure that the materials and process chosen will meet your most demanding performance requirements.

In addition to selecting textures, materials and tactile feedback options, our experienced engineers also explore design choices that can reduce costs and speed manufacturing, while improving quality and reliability.

Our expertise ensures that each customer and every project receives guidance through the production design stage in order to achieve the most efficient means of mass production. Our products are designed to help you reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenues.  

Project Management

 Besides the R&D engineers, Kenvox has a project engineering team. This team has multi-backgrounds of technologies, not only in plastic, but also silicone, metal and electronics.

Each project will be followed by a experienced project engineer, who will conduct as the team leader of project development, customer technical support, quality control, cross-department coordinate during the whole developing process.

With this team, we can fully guarantee our commitment to realize customers’ design with swift time schedule and required quality.

Supply Chain Management

 Kenvox begins each project by listening. Every customer is unique, and their needs change over times. So we blend a wide range of skills and facilities into the right solution for each project, and alter our strategy as new challenges arise.

In recent years, Kenvox has been dedicated to building very close and strategic partnership with many other factories in China in various fields, so as to provide customers with the supply-chain integrity and one-stop turnkey solutions.

   Value engineering is our primary focus. A simple change in the manufacturing process can significantly increase product life span or decrease manufacturing costs. And because we consciously design and thoroughly document each step, we can take a product from prototype to large volume production in a way that minimizes costs, ensures quality and guarantees that each build identical to the first.

 A single supply chain makes it possible to design prototypes and work through the details of a production run without the communications complexity required by multiple vendors. Because we operate all of our facilities using the same protocols, overseas manufacturing and distribution become simple steps in the same transaction, and don’t require complex new relationships that engender competing interests. 

   Manufacturing flexibility has become a critical resource in a highly connected world, where product demand fluctuates inconsistently and consumer preferences can change almost overnight. Our facilities in China, work together from a common blueprint taking advantages of local cost structures and the availability of raw materials to decrease production and shipping costs while quickly responding to our customers’ needs.

 Quality and repeatability are intrinsically linked. As we move through the manufacturing design process and evaluate the tools, techniques and materials needed to create quality products perfectly suited to their uses and environments, we incorporate high-end ERP systems to accurately document the entire process. This allows us to generate repeat builds at any of our facilities, meeting first-article quality standards every time.